Photo challenge days 4 & 5

Hi dolls.

Hope you’ve all had a good start to the new year. I have decided to have a more positive outlook on life. Not that I’m all doom and gloom, I just sometimes have a grass is always greener attitude. Where as I should just take better care of the grass I’m standing on.

Part of my new positive outlook is to partake in photo challenge (as per previous post from in true form I’m a couple of days behind! So I am posting my pics from day 4 & 5.


#fresh a smoothie in my blitz2go. Love that thing.

#fresh a smoothie in my blitz2go. Love that thing. Day 4


#theidearoom the counter.

#theidearoom #day5 #on the counter.



As you can see. We haven’t taken down our christmas decorations yet. We love christmas and I’m always sad to see it go. Hope your photo challenge is going well. Let me know.



a photo a day.

This afternoon as I was relaxing on my final afternoon of holidays. I was looking over my Facebook ( when I saw a post from a blogger. The name of the blog is ‘the idea room’ ( It’s a beautifully written blog by a busy mother of five, who has some of the most inspirational ideas going around.

Anyway I saw on her blog that she has created a photo challenge. I feel that we don’t take enough photos in our day to day lives. Over the past year the only photos that have been taken are on holidays and special occasions. In our house I think that everyday we should find something that is photo worthy. So I am taking the photo challenge. I will post a link to the photo challenge and hope that you will join me.



christmas recovery

As you brush away the mince pie crumbs, reheat the last bit of turkey and chew your way through the last piece of  gingerbread house, christmas is over for another year.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. A great time to spend with family and friends, eat yourself silly, spoil each other rotten and just have a great time all round.

If your anything like me (no self control when it comes to food). I look towards the new year that is fast approaching and think, this time I’m going to do it. I’m going to start a new life style change and stick to it. One of my Christmas presents this year is a book called ‘It’s all good’ by Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Turshen. A book which guides you through how to eliminate the less desirable foods and introduce ingredients ‘that will make you look good and feel great’. I am feeling determined and excited to take on this food/lifestyle journey. Feeling brave I will be heading to the health food store to stock up the pantry and clearing the fridge of all the foods that aren’t on the list. I look forward to trying out new recipes and telling you all about it. If anyone has tried these recipes let me know which are your favorites.

Wish me luck!



Welcome to my kitchen

Welcome to my Kitchen! My kitchen (to me), is more than just a room in our home. It’s a place where I can express myself openly. Where I can experiment with new ideas. A place where my stress levels are lowered and my creativity leaves my mind and is transfered into cookies, sweet treats and more is delights.

Baking is something that I love to do. It’s a stress relief and I love to push my limits and taste buds to see what I can come up with. 

I hope to show and inspire people the joys of baking, cooking and creating and how it brings people together.